1.2.3 Overview of icons and functions

Open the list of available functions.
Which functions are available depends on the current view and whether a SIGMA device is connected.

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Import file
Import a file with activity data, device settings, or tracks.

Export data
Export activity data, device settings, or tracks as a file.

Create printable PDF
Receive a PDF of log and memory data.

Import from device
Import data into DATA CENTER from your SIGMA device using a docking station or a SIGMA wireless dongle.

Export to device
Transfer device settings, total device values, or tracks from DATA CENTER to your device using a docking station or a SIGMA wireless dongle.

Create a track, an activity, a training program, or new device settings.

Create copy
Create an editable copy of the device settings displayed.

Set filter
Create a new filter or edit or delete existing filters for evaluations in the Activities, Calendar, and Statistics areas.

Compare two memories or logs.

Speed format
The data is displayed in km/h or min/km. The unit on the Y-axis changes in the log file window.

Unit of the X axis
Switch between the units hours and kilometers on the X-axis.

Synchronize the data from your DATA CENTER with the SIGMA CLOUD.

Change view
Switch between graph, map and data view.

Trim log
Trim the log at the start and end to shorten the route.

Altitude correction
Retrospectively correct the start altitude and recalculate the altitude profile.

Previous or next log entry
Move the green arrow on the timeline from one log entry to the next to specifically select individual log entries in the record.

Create a new track point without automatically following roads.

Create a route
Create a new track point and automatically follow roads.

Add a POI
Create a POI and specify whether it is e.g. a restaurant or train station. The POI is marked on the map using the appropriate icons.

Download track
Download a track to DATA CENTER from the device or a portal.

Sport type
Every activity is allocated a sport type.

Share Data
You share your information through various third-party portals.