1.1.8 Connecting a running watch


DATA CENTER has already been installed.

You have a running watch?

The device must be in sleep mode.

  1. Connect the USB cable or the docking station to the computer.


    If you are connecting the docking station to your computer for the first time, it will be identified as new hardware and the driver will be installed. You must agree to the driver’s installation.

  2. Connect your running watch to the USB cable or docking station.
  3. Tip (Docking Station):

    Ensure that the two noses on the top of the bracket lock into place on the left and right.

  4. Insert the running watch.
  5. If the connection has been correctly made, the LED will illuminate as a steady green light.
  6. Start DATA CENTER. The device will be automatically detected as a new device and the New device window will open.
  7. Enter a name.
  8. Save the new device.